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Canada Immigration National Occupation List

Determine Your NOC Category

Follow these steps to see if your work experience meets the requirements to apply as a skilled worker.

Note: After checking the external NOC Web sites mentioned in each steps below, press the back button on your Web browser to return to this page.

Find the title of any full-time jobs you had in the past 10 years from the National Occupational Classification List listed below. These are all jobs that are in Skill Type 0, and Skill Level A or B on the NOC. Write down the four-digit code located to the left of your job’s title.

Go to the NOC Web site and type your four-digit job code in the “Quick Search” box. Make sure you press the “GO” button. A description of your occupation will appear. Make sure the description and “Main Duties” describe what you did at your last jobs.

If you have experience in more than one occupation during the past 10 years, repeat the search to determine if you meet the minimum requirement to apply as a skilled worker. Work experience in several occupations may also be used, if it adds up to one full year.

You are not eligible to apply as a skilled worker if:

  • none of your work experience is listed in Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the NOC;
  • your experience did not occur within 10 years of the date of application;
  • your eligible work experience does not add up to one full year; or
  • your only work experience is in a restricted occupation.

Selection system

If your work experience meets the minimum requirements to apply as a skilled worker, your application will be assessed against two criteria: required funds and selection factors.



Canada Immigration

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